Anora - Our key brands
Anora - Our key brands

Our brands

Anora's key trademarks play a central role in the company's strategy. Anora's own key brands, such as Koskenkorva, Linie, O.P. Anderson, Skagerrak, Chill Out, Ruby Zin, Blossa, Wongraven and Falling Feather, have a strong market position and many of them have a long heritage to cherish in the Nordics.

Chill Out BIBs and glasses

Chill Out®

Chill Out wines are a range of quality wines from selected vineyards in Europe, Australia, South Africa, North and South America that always offers you a variety of tastes and styles that are easy to like.

Chill Out wine taste best when shared with friends and loved ones, regardless occasion. We are for wine lovers, not necessarily experts. And we strongly believe that drinking wine should be as uncomplicated as it is good. Or as we say it - No fuss, just great wines.

Our way of being responsible is shown in the smartness of our production, packaging solutions, new products and product features. We have organic products too, but would rather like to talk about our on-going process of maximizing sustainability and being environmental.

Ruby Zin bottle and BiB on table

Ruby Zin

After a successful launch on the Swedish marked in 2011, Ruby Zin was introduced to the Norwegian consumers. Over the years this wine has established itself as one of our bestsellers and a favourite to many consumers across the Nordics.​

Ruby Zin is a classic fruity and flavourful red wine from California, made of a blend from the grapes Ruby Cabernet and Zinfandel. It's round and smooth texture is a welcoming wine style among consumers.​

The wine is guaranteed and produced by the Arcus Wine Brands team, who has first-hand understanding of the local markets and is able to develop consumer-centric products.​

Blossa bottle image


Blossa is the definition of glögg and the recipe has set the standard in the category. All of our Blossa glöggs are based on a blend of different wine styles, mixed with our own aged spice macerate and sweetened with high quality sugar.

There is a Blossa variant for all preferences, also alcohol-free. Every year we release an annual edition of Blossa specially made for this Christmas in a limited edition.

Wongraven wine bottles and glass


Over the last 10 years, the wines developed by the singer and songwriter Sigurd Wongraven have become some of the most prominent brands in the Norwegian wine market. Wongraven is of the few wine brands that has been able to combine mainstream commercial success with trustworthiness in the wine geek community. The wine collection will continue its expansion in the Nordic markets.

Falling Feather Ruby Cabernet - bottle and BiB on table

Falling Feather

Falling Feather Ruby Cabernet is a innovative and successful wine-product developed by our skilled wine-team at Arcus Wine Brands. ​

This was the first "low in" wine launched on the Norwegian market over 10 years ago. Falling Feather was quickly established as the wine of choice of avoiding the negative effects of histamines and tannins. Today this wine is the bestselling red-wine in Norway.​

Falling Feather is made 100% from Ruby Cabernet, a grape widely grown in California. It is a medium bodied wine with a silky texture, soft tannins and a fresh finish with hints of spice.​