30.03.2020 - 13:30

Altia adjusts its operations and prepares for changes in the amount of work

Altia adjusts its operations due to the changes the coronavirus pandemic has caused in the business environment. Co-operation negotiations are started to gain flexibility for adjusting the amount of work. 

The necessary actions to limit the coronavirus pandemic, such as restrictions of movement, affect Altia’s operations. Currently, the greatest impact is on travel retail and on-trade in all the countries Altia operates in, as well as Altia’s exports.

The restrictions also affect the personnel’s amount of work, and therefore, temporary lay-offs have to be considered. The overall impact and duration of the current state of emergency are hard to predict, and implementing the co-operation negotiations early on allows for timely reaction under these changing circumstances.

The invitation for co-operation negotiations was sent today, and we expect the negotiations to be over after Easter. In Finland, the negotiations concern all operations. The possible lay-offs would be temporary. Altia’s other operational countries are also undergoing personnel adjustments.

“Our working environment has changed radically, and we must react accordingly. The adjustments are necessary in order to maintain our operational capability in short and long term. With the co-operation negotiations, we try to find the best solution for all Altia employees under these exceptional circumstances”, says Altia’s CEO Pekka Tennilä.

Altia employed approximately 632 persons last year, of which 418 were in Finland.

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CEO Pekka Tennilä

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