24.01.2017 - 12:21

Altia aims to reduce its energy consumption by 10 % by 2025

Altia has entered into a new Energy Efficiency Agreement period. The goals in the agreement are in line with Altia’s own targets and policies.

Altia signed its first voluntary Energy Efficiency Agreement in 2008 and successfully completed the targets set during the contract period of 2008–2016. In 2017 Altia joined the new contract period of this agreement which will continue until 2025. The parties to the agreement include Finnish ministries, industry associations and companies.

Altia’s target during the new contract period is an energy consumption reduction of 10 % by the year 2025 compared to consumption in the beginning of 2014.

“The goal in the agreement is in line with Altia’s own goals and we have made continuous efforts to reach our energy efficiency targets. The second contract period is going to be more challenging, but we are confident that we will reach this goal as well,” says Jussi Nikula, the Health, Occupational Safety, Environment & Quality Manager from Altia’s Rajamäki plant.

During the last contract period of 2008–2016, Altia reduced its energy consumption by 14.4% compared to the contract periods energy consumption baseline of 2005. The energy reduction target during the previous contract period was 9 %.

Altia has made many efforts to increase the company’s energy efficiency and the effects of the measures are monitored continuously. The actions taken at the Rajamäki plant include for example lowering temperatures in the storage areas, turning the air conditioning to half speed, optimizing the machines’ rotational speed, improving the efficiency of hot water heat recovery and changing lighting to LED lamps. The Rajamäki plant uses most of the energy for property heating.

At the Koskenkorva plant most of the energy is used in the distilling process and starch manufacturing. The developments and improvements in the processes driving patterns have made a big impact to energy efficiency. Because of these improvements, Altia is able to take energy efficiency better into account when making decisions regarding its production.

Efforts to reduce energy consumption have paid off

The majority of energy used in the Koskenkorva plant is produced by Altia’s own bioenergy power plant, which started operations at the Koskenkorva plant in 2014. The plant uses only field biomass to produce steam energy for the Koskenkorva plant’s operations. Bioenergy has contributed and altered the Koskenkorva plant’s driving optimization towards energy efficiency.

“During the Energy Efficiency Agreements, we have been able to maintain a normal level of production and simultaneously improve our energy efficiency continuously over the years. This is something we are very proud of and we will continue implementing similar measures also during the next contract period,” says Nikula.