Finlandia Vodka
Finlandia Vodka
13.08.2020 - 08:00

Altia and Brown-Forman to prolong production agreement of Finlandia Vodka

Altia and Brown-Forman have prolonged their agreement on production services until 2035. The agreement covers the production of Finlandia Vodka globally continuing a long-lasting strategic collaboration between Altia and Brown-Forman, which began already in 2000.

Altia and Brown-Forman have agreed on continuing the production of Finlandia Vodka until 2035, prolonging the production agreement which would expire in 2025. This agreement is a continuation of the committed cooperation between the companies. The agreement covers the production of grain spirit for Finlandia Vodka at Altia’s distillery and the production, packaging and logistics of Finlandia Vodka consumer products at Altia’s Rajamäki beverage plant, both based in Finland.

We are very satisfied with Altia as our close partner and producer of Finlandia Vodka. With sustainability growing in importance it is crucial to have a partner with a strong emphasis on environmental issues. Altia is a forerunner in sustainability and it’s distillery producing grain spirit for Finlandia Vodka is based entirely on circular economy, with a 99.9% waste recycling rate and its own bio-power plant. This is truly unique even globally,” says Alex Alvarez, SVP, Chief Production and Sustainability Officer from Brown-Forman.

“We are thrilled to prolong our long-term strategic relationship with Brown-Forman. By leveraging each other’s competencies and experience, we can continuously improve our supply chain processes and excel in the service, quality and efficiency targets set together. We also want to ensure the most sustainable service available, aiming at carbon neutral production by 2025”, says Hannu Tuominen, SVP, Altia Industrial.

Altia acts as the distributor for Brown-Forman products in the Nordics. Altia sold the Finlandia Vodka brand to Brown-Forman in 2000. This year Finlandia Vodka celebrates it's 50th anniversary.

Further information:

Altia, SVP Altia Industrial, Hannu Tuominen, +358 40 060 5299

Brown-Forman, Elizabeth Conway, Brown-Forman Corporation, Director, External Communications, +1-502-774-7737