18.05.2018 - 08:30

Altia has opened international webshop for Nordic spirit beverages

The Nordic Spirits webshop has opened in Germany with a selection of iconic Nordic beverage brands, such as Koskenkorva Vodka and O.P. Anderson Aquavit.

The portfolio includes Altia’s most popular beverage brands, such as Koskenkorva Vodka, O.P. Anderson Aquavit, Xanté, Larsen Cognac and Blossa Glögg.

“There have been many interesting things going on in the Nordic beverage market lately. We also see growing interest in the Nordic lifestyle, culture and food. Through traditional exports, we have launched our Koskenkorva Vodka and O.P. Anderson Aquavit already in new markets, and we can see that there is clear interest in quality beverages from the Nordics”, says Pontus Forth, export director at Altia.

“We see e-commerce as complimentary to our traditional export business. It will strengthen our global marketing efforts and support current channels. In addition, we will be able to bring even more Nordic favorites to a wider audience”, he says.

The shop delivers to Germany. Recipes, articles and other content on the shop are accessible globally – except from Finland, where online marketing of spirits is prohibited.


Further information: Pontus Forth, Export Director, Altia

Pictures and interview requests: Niina Ala-Luopa, Communications Manager, Altia, +358 40 072 8957, niina.ala-luopa(a)altiagroup.com