08.04.2019 - 13:15

Altia in a new partnership with Conaxess Trade Beverages

Leading Nordic alcoholic brands company Altia and the Danish spirit company Conaxess Trade Beverages will enter in a strategic collaboration as of 20 May 2019. The partnership includes Altia to transfer its Denmark domestic business to Conaxess Trade Beverages. With the new partner Altia is looking for a stronger route to market locally both in off-trade and on-trade, with the ability to further support our iconic Nordic brands and speed up the growth in Denmark.

Altia will transfer its Denmark domestic business to Conaxess Trade Beverages as of 20 May. Conaxess Trade Beverages gains exclusive right to distribution and marketing of Altia brands in Denmark domestic market. Altia will continue operating the important border trade between Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Twelve of Altia’s employees in Denmark are offered to transfer to Conaxess Trade Beverages as old employees while the others are continuing to work with Altia.

Conaxess Trade Beverages specializes in sales, marketing and distribution of well-known international alcohol brands. The company has a strong foothold in Denmark and with Altia brands added to the portfolio it will become one of the spirit market leaders in Denmark. The new line-up gives possibilities to further develop and grow Altia brands in Denmark. The key brands of Altia in Denmark are Koskenkorva Vodka, O.P. Andersson aquavit, Brøndums aquavit and 1-Enkelt Bitter.

“We are very much looking forward to enter in this strategic partnership with Conaxess Trade Beverages. They have shown strategic and operational strength in Denmark and we are looking forward to continuing the positive development of the Altia brands. We strongly believe, that this new setup gives possibilities to further grow Altia brands in Denmark”, says Janne Halttunen, Senior Vice President, Scandinavia at Altia.

“We are excited to represent Altia’s iconic brands in our premium spirits portfolio. With our strong market position and our expertise at the Danish market we see good possibilities to strengthen distribution and sales of Altia brands, such as O.P. Andersson and Koskenkorva Vodka as well as the locally well established brands 1-enkelt and Brøndums”, Managing Director of Conaxess Trade Beverages, Jan Rose, states.

Further information: Janne Halttunen, SVP, Scandinavia, Altia

Contacts through communications: Petra Gräsbeck, Communications Director, Altia, tel. +358 40 767 0867, petra.grasbeck(a)altiagroup.com

More about Conaxess: https://www.conaxesstrade.com/

Altia in a new partnership with Conaxess Trade Beverages