12.06.2019 - 11:00

Altia Plc: Managers' transactions - Anette Rosengren

Altia Plc Managers' Transactions 12 June 2019 at 11:00 EET

ALTIA OYJ - Managers' Transactions____________________________________________

Person subject to the notification requirementName: Anette RosengrenPosition: Member of the Board/Deputy memberIssuer: ALTIA OYJLEI: 52990007AXNSS4PNX352

Notification type: INITIAL NOTIFICATIONReference number: 52990007AXNSS4PNX352_20190611172638_4____________________________________________

Transaction date: 2019-06-10Venue: NASDAQ HELSINKI LTD (XHEL)Instrument type: SHAREISIN: FI4000292438Nature of the transaction: ACQUISITION

Transaction details(1): Volume: 933 Unit price: 7.28 EUR(2): Volume: 267 Unit price: 7.29 EUR

Aggregated transactions(2): Volume: 1,200 Volume weighted average price: 7.28223 EUR