Larsen kuvitus
Larsen kuvitus
01.12.2017 - 13:15

Altia strengthens distribution of Larsen Cognac in Asia

Altia is strengthening the position of Larsen Cognac in Asia. Altia has partnered with AsiaEuro to distribute Larsen Cognac in China and Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Distribution will start in early 2018.

The new long-term partnership includes distribution of the entire Larsen range. In addition, Larsen Cognac House is launching two new cognacs – Larsen VSOP Reserve and Larsen XO Reserve – exclusively for AsiaEuro’s portfolio in Asia.

Altia’s senior vice president in charge of exports, Janne Halttunen, says, “Asia is a growing market for cognacs, and we see potential for our cognac brands there. Larsen is one of our key export brands, and we are excited to strengthen and develop the brand and its position in one of the central export markets.”

Larsen’s general manager, Jérôme Durand, says, “Larsen Cognacs are back in Asia. In AsiaEuro, we have found a great partner with strong competence in brand-building and distribution in many Asian markets.”

The executive chairman of the AsiaEuro Group of companies, Mr Her Soon Seng, says, “The AsiaEuro business, which was founded in 1999, now spans across China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. We actively look for partners that can support our long-term growth strategy. Altia shares the same business values as us, and the company is a good cultural fit with AsiaEuro. We are excited to work with Altia to build their brands in Asia.”

Mr Jonathan Chow, member of the Board of Directors of the AsiaEuro Group, says, “Given the evolution of the cognac market landscape around China these past few years, Altia is the right partner for AsiaEuro, as both companies are very clear and committed to the strategies needed to capture the China opportunity.”

About Larsen Cognac House and Altia

Larsen was founded by Jens Reidar Larsen, a Norwegian adventurer and lover of Cognac, who set off to explore France, visited the south west and never went home. He created his cognac house in 1926, with the desire to produce a distinctive style of cognac that was fruity, pure and elegant. www.cognac-larsen.fr

Larsen Cognac House is part of Altia Group, a leading wine and spirits company offering quality brands in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Altia’s head office is located in Helsinki, Finland. The company’s brands include Larsen Cognac, Renault Cognac, Koskenkorva Vodka, O.P. Anderson Aquavit, Valhalla Herb Liqueur, Xanté Cognac & Pear Liqueur, Blossa Glögg and Chill Out Wines. www.altiagroup.com

About AsiaEuro

The AsiaEuro Group, which was founded in 1999 as a pure wine distribution company, has its corporate headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and owns and manages diversified businesses in wines, spirits, sake, premium bottled water, coffee roasting and fine dining restaurants spread across Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. www.asiaeurowines.com

Further information:

Janne Halttunen, SVP Exports, Altia Plc, tel. +358 40 187 4407, janne.halttunen@altiagroup.com

Niina Ala-Luopa, Communications Manager, Altia Plc, tel. +358 400 728957, niina.ala-luopa@altiagroup.com

Jérôme Durand, General Manager, Larsen Cognac House, tel. +33 6 80 24 80 29, jerome.durand@cognac-larsen.fr

Mr Jonathan Chow, Board Member, AsiaEuro, tel. (65)9617-1722, jonathan.chow@asiaeurowines.com.sg