Altia Palkinnot tiedote
Altia Palkinnot tiedote
10.09.2020 - 07:30

Altia’s key brands successful in prominent international competitions

Creating unique brand experiences through product innovations and sustainability are at the core of Altia’s strategy and our key strengths. Our innovation strategy builds on strong consumer understanding, a creative culture, future exploration as well as product development expertise. Success in prominent international competitions strengthens Altia’s position as a role model in Nordic innovations in the beverage industry.

Altia launches around 100 new product innovations each year under its own brands, a growing number of which are low-alcohol and non-alcohol products. Altia believes that Nordic alcohol brands still have significant growth potential in export markets. Success in respected international competitions plays an important role in supporting this, as it brings valuable visibility to brands in highly competitive markets.

“I am extremely proud that our determined and systematic brand building and product development efforts have received such notable recognition internationally,“ says Kirsi Puntila, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Innovation and Product Development at Altia.

Below are listed awards rewarded to Altia’s key brands during the past year.

International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC)

  • Koskenkorva Salmiakki – Spirit Gold 2020

  • Koskenkorva 7 Botanicals – Spirit Silver 2020

  • Koskenkorva Raspberry Pine – Spirit Silver 2020

  • Explorer Vodka – Spirit Silver 2020

  • Explorer Gin – Spirit Bronze 2020

International Spirits Challenge 2020 (ISC)

  • Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow – Double Gold

  • Explorer Vodka – Silver

  • Explorer Pink Gin – Silver

  • Explorer Gin – Bronze

Spirits Business Vodka Masters

  • Koskenkorva 7 Botanicals – Master medal

  • Koskenkorva Sauna Barrel – Gold medal

  • Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow – Gold medal

  • Koskenkorva Vodka Original – Gold medal

  • Explorer Vodka – Gold medal

Spirits Business Gin Masters

  • O.P. Anderson Distillery Organic Dry Gin – Master medal

  • Explorer Pink Gin – Gold medal

  • Explorer Gin – Silver medal

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