17.04.2023 - 11:40

Anora continues suspension of sales to Russia

Due to several inquiries we have received, we are restating our position regarding Anora’s operations in Russia. As was communicated on 28 February 2022, Anora ended all sales to Russia in February 2022. The suspension of sales to Russia continues and covers all Anora’s own brands, including our key export product Koskenkorva Vodka.

The suspension of operations in Russia also includes the export of partner brand products by Anora. When the decision to suspend operations was made in February 2022, we contacted our customers as well to communicate that Anora’s products should not be sold to Russia, a message we have reiterated again this spring.

“We continue to be deeply concerned with the situation in Ukraine and stand behind our decision to suspend all sales to Russia. Anora collaborates with responsible countries, partners, and distributors, and we have been successful in finding new growth opportunities in line with our strategy and values”, says Kirsi Puntila, SVP, Spirits at Anora.