30.01.2024 - 10:00

Anora finalised change negotiations to develop its operating model

Anora’s change negotiations, initiated in November 2023, have been concluded. The negotiations aimed at developing the company’s operating model, as part of Anora’s strategy implementation process and efforts to improve profitability. The negotiations concerned all three of Anora’s business segments: Wine, Spirits, and Industrial.

Around 650 employees in six countries were within scope of the changes, and it was estimated that the increased efficiency and a clearer focus on strategy would lead to redundancies of approximately 40 people.

The negotiations have been concluded in all operating countries. The changes in organisational structures support a stronger commercial focus, reduce complexity, and create synergies in line with Anora’s strategy. With the introduction of these new structures, 37 employees’ duties at Anora will end. The new organisations are in place as of February 2024.