10.06.2024 - 09:00

Anora launches wide range of 8% wine products from consumer-favourite brands in Finland’s grocery stores

Anora, the leading Nordic wine and spirits brand house, launched a wide and versatile range of products from consumer-favourite wine brands for grocery stores in Finland, as the legislative amendment to Finland’s Alcohol Act came into effect on 10 June. The amendment allows the sale of alcoholic beverages containing up to 8% alcohol in grocery stores. As the country’s market-leading wine company with local production facilities, Anora is uniquely positioned to harness this opportunity.

The legislative amendment to Finland’s Alcohol Act, which came into effect on 10 June, raises the maximum allowed alcohol content of beverages produced by fermentation sold in grocery stores from the previous 5.5% to 8.0%. As the country’s market-leading wine company with its own production facilities in Finland, Anora is ideally situated to offer innovative new wine products for Finnish consumers.

“Our products are made from carefully selected wines that match the preferences of Finnish consumers – which we have in-depth knowledge of thanks to Anora’s long history as a leading beverage house in Finland. Local production also means that we can significantly lower the environmental impact of our products, which is a central goal for us. This impressive range of products is a great example of our in-house product innovation and branding capabilities, and we’re excited to see it reach the shelves of our grocery store customers,” says Anne Halttunen, Country Director, Wines, Finland.

Anora's new selection of 8% wines exemplifies the breath of the company’s wine portfolio, including both the company's own wine brands as well as well-known international partner brands. Overall, the range coming to grocery stores across the country encompasses several dozens of different sparkling, white, rosé, and red wines from brands that are already consumer favourites, including Chill Out, I.L.O., El Tiempo, Lindeman's, and Two Oceans.

“This launch expands the variety of wine products with a lower alcohol content for consumers with the potential of attracting new audiences to enjoy the world of wines. Low-alcohol wines are generally more fresh and more approachable, lowering the threshold for trying new and different styles of wines,” says Kati Nyqvist-Pakarinen, who is responsible for Anora’s Own Wine business in Finland.

Anora’s products are bottled and packed close to the end consumers in Finland, reducing the environmental impact of wines considerably. Our state-of-the-art production facilities also enable us to offer a broad range of more sustainable packaging options for different occasions, including rPET bottles made from recycled plastic and fully recyclable Bag-in-Boxes, which have an up to 90% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional glass bottles. These capabilities support not only Anora’s own ambitious sustainability goals but also the sustainability work of our grocery store customers, allowing them to offer a wide range of options for conscious wine consumers.

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