28.02.2023 - 08:40

Anora's bottling operations in Finland, Norway and Denmark will implement centre of excellence strategy

As part of the 5–10 MEUR efficiency potential in the supply chain during the strategic period, which was identified and communicated in Anora’s new growth strategy, Anora is planning to implement a centre of excellence strategy for its bottling sites in Finland, Norway and Denmark. 

The strategy of specialisation would enhance expertise and increase efficiency at each of Anora’s three main bottling sites. Production of vodka-based spirits is planned to be centralized at the Rajamäki plant in Finland, whereas the Gjelleråsen plant in Norway would focus on the distillation, blending and bottling of aquavits and bitters. Operational excellence of wine production would be concentrated at the Globus Wine plant in Denmark. Wine production capacity at Globus Wine would also be increased due to growing demand.

The planned changes would reduce production footprint complexity and enable personnel to improve their focus, enhancing the expertise of each factory. The specialisation would also increase efficiency, improve the utilisation of current production lines and reduce costs. Furthermore, the centres of excellence would allow more impactful development of sustainable operations in the specialty areas, such as climate-smart wine packaging, in line with Anora’s strategic goal of delivering growth through sustainability.

“In our newly launched strategy, we have set ambitious growth targets, which the centre of excellence strategy will help us reach. The strategy would enable our state-of-the-art production facilities to further enhance their expertise and product innovation work as well as improve quality and efficiency by focusing efforts on specific categories. It will also support our facilities in furthering our sustainability work, which is at the core of our growth strategy,” says Pekka Tennilä, CEO, Anora.

The work to centralise production would start this year and is expected to be completed during 2025. In Norway, the change would entail a gradual downsizing of around 40 full-time equivalents over a period of three years. The company will work closely with the local trade unions on the next steps of the process.

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Anora's bottling operations in Finland, Norway and Denmark will implement centre of excellence strategy