19.09.2017 - 15:33

Blossa 17 meets Old Delhi - Mango, cumin and chili give flavor to Blossa 17

Every year Blossa travels to a new location for inspiration for the annual glögg. This year the coordinates were set to 28°39'24.2''N 77°13'18.5''E and the destination is the bustling spice market Khari Baoli in Old Delhi. Here, among all of the world's flavors and scents, we have found the inspiration for this year's flavoring: lovely sun-ripened mango, spicy cumin and hot chili.

On the narrow streets of Old Delhi bicycle rickshaws coexist with handcarts, mopeds and a lively crowd. In the middle of the old town lies Khari Baoli, Asia's largest spice market, where spices have been traded for over four centuries.

- In India we find many of the flavors and spices that already exist in Blossa's glögg, such as cardamom, ginger and clove. In Blossa 17 Old Delhi, mango gives a note of tropical fruit, which both complements and contrasts beautifully with the traditional glögg spices. The spiciness of this year's glögg is further enhanced by cumin and ends with a distinct heat from chili. This is our interpretation of India, says Åsa Orsvärn, Chief Blender for Blossa.

The shape and color of the bottle is inspired by traditional Indian sign painting, an old handicraft tradition in India where trucks, market stands and buildings are decorated with hand-painted patterns, symbols and messages. The design is made by Scandinavian Design Group, who has worked with Blossa's annual glögg since the start of the flavor journey in 2011.

Before the reveal of 2017’s flavor and destination on September 19, Blossa was inspired by another art form that has grown strong in India: street art. Two street art artists were invited to Sweden from New Delhi in India with the mission to interpret Blossa 17 Old Delhi in a work of art. The result is a colorful blend of the hot India and the cold Nordics, with Blossa 17 as an exotic winter warmer in the darkness and the cold. The work of art is painted in several different layers that in different ways illustrate the flavor and the design of Blossa 17. The film showing how the whole work of art is created, can be seen at www.folkofolk.se/blossa17

About Blossa Annual

Every winter since 2003 Blossa has launched a new flavor. Up until 2010, Blossa has been inspired by the Nordic winter with flavors such as lingonberry, saffron and winter apple. Every year the bottle has been given a unique design and has, for many, become a collectible.

From 2011, Blossa has looked out into the world and been inspired by different destinations. The classic glögg spices have been blended with new and exciting flavors from all corners of the world. In earlier years Blossa has visited, among other places, South America, Japan, France and England.

Further Information: Nathalie Malledant, Category Brand Manager, Altia, +46 732 746 564 / nathalie.malledant@altiagroup.com

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