15.09.2022 - 15:00

Blossa 22 travels to New Orleans – A melting pot of flavors

This year Blossa travels to New Orleans, inspired by the streets where jazz music vibrates. The glögg of 2022 pays homage to the city’s exciting melting pot of flavors, especially around the French Quarter area and the iconic Hurricane cocktail. Blossa 22 blends rum, passion fruit, lime, strawberries, blueberries and chili with classic glögg spices and the result is a taste experience rich in nuances.

According to tradition, Blossa has chosen a new place in the world to find inspiration for the annual limited edition glögg. This year's destination, New Orleans, is not only known as the birthplace of jazz but also for its pulse and rich food culture, with dishes from the spicy creole and cajun cuisine. In the lively French Quarter district, you will find Pat O´Brien's bar, where the Hurricane cocktail was invented in the 1940s. At that time, the supply of spirits was limited and it was necessary to come up with a drink that could be made from the less popular, local rum. The cocktail became a bestseller in the city and still is today. In addition to rum, it contains lime and fassionola, which is a type of red syrup made from various fruits, berries and sugar.

"In New Orleans there is an interesting mix of influences that we brought together in Blossa 22. Hurricane is the main inspiration, which is why we have flavored the glögg with rum, lime and also made our own version of fassionola, with passion fruits, strawberries and blueberries. Inspired by the New Orleans cuisine, we have also added our own extracts of chili and a distillate of smoked red bell pepper. These go well together with the classic glögg spices, several of which are often found also in the food served in New Orleans," says Åsa Orsvärn, Chief Blender for Blossa.

The bottle's loud design is inspired by the spontaneity of jazz, both refined and full of surprises. The deep red bottle color alludes to the subtle smokiness found both in the taste of Blossa 22 and in the streets of the French Quarter. The design of the bottle includes many details characteristic of New Orleans, such as the colors purple and gold, which are the official tones for the city's big carnival Mardi Gras. On the side of the bottle there are also piano keys allowing you to "play the piano" when serving the glögg.

Serving tips for Blossa 22 from Chief Blender Åsa:

  • Serve Blossa 22 as the Hurricane cocktail – refreshingly cold in a larger glass with a lot of ice, decorated with a strawberry or slice of orange.

  • Blossa 22 can also be heated, preferably then served in a larger cup topped with raisins.

  • Make a tasty dessert with Blossa 22! Marinate raisins by leaving them in a bowl with Blossa 22 overnight. Then mix the raisins with vanilla ice cream topped with chopped almonds.

Blossa 22 New Orleans is a starkvinsglögg and has an alcohol content of 15%.

About Blossa annual collection

Since 2003, Blossa has launched a new flavor for each winter season. Every year, the bottle has also been given a new unique design, which has made every annual variant a sought-after collector's item. All glögg from Blossa is based on the same basic recipe, with a uniquely developed spice mixture that is stored for months before each Christmas season and on wines from carefully selected European vineyards. Until 2010, Blossa found its inspiration from the Nordic winter and Christmas for the annual glögg, but since 2011 the annual Blossa has gone out into the world to seek inspiration. Blossa's classic glögg spices have since been mixed with new and exciting flavors from all corners of the world. In recent years they have visited destinations like India, Morocco, Spain and Hawaii, among others.

Further information

Emelie Eriksson Senior Brand Manager, Blossa emelie.eriksson@anora.com