No-alc blog post
No-alc blog post
31.05.2021 - 12:00

Drink like there IS a tomorrow

What does an alcohol company do when it realizes that people drink less and less booze? When the business landscape changes, and you are fighting for your customers’ share of mind? Do you give up and cry or jump with excitement to reshape your business?

Growth happens in new horizons

The rise of non-alcoholic drinking experiences is one of the biggest trends in beverages. The new opportunity is in a dynamic premium adult beverage space. Although commercially not significant in the Nordics just yet, it is growing in importance month on month. UK is the most mature market in the category, growth numbers in double digits. Bacardi predicts 400% growth in no and low-alc products by 2024.

Healthier lifestyles and wellbeing are increasingly important in all age groups. For us in the industry the question is, do we stubbornly focus on fighting for existing market shares and try to increase frequency, or do we strive to be forerunners in the Nordics with new alcohol-free innovations? We at Anora believe that growth happens when you dare to challenge yourself, be disruptive and look for new horizons.

Yes, it’s all about Purpose again

A few years back, the Anora leadership team sat in a dusty old conference facility, scratching the heads thinking about our company’s purpose. Some months back, we had together with all Anorans defined our purpose as ‘Let’s Drink Better’. Now we challenged ourselves to question what it really meant. We came back from the meeting eyes glowing with clarity – we need to go ‘ALL IN’ with sustainability. We have the responsibility of a company that has over 130 years of history. Our responsibility is to ensure the company flourishes also for the new generations to come. Why is it relevant then to invest in the non-alcoholic business?

  1. Sustainability is the very core of Anora's strategy, we genuinely want to do responsible things.

  2. We are committed to our ambition to grow low and non-alcoholic portfolio significantly.

  3. This is what our consumers want and expect from us!

Others are on it, too

We are not in this alone. The international press has been buzzing about the rise of alcohol-free drinks – not only the industry media, but also serious financial papers, such as Financial Times, Forbes, and Time. Major international industry players are investing big money in non-alc innovations. The playground is also full of small start-ups, who have realized the opportunity. A bit closer to home, all the Nordic monopolies are also strongly supporting the trend favoring sustainable solutions in their tender processes.

Courage, collaboration and speed

No pain no gain they say. In order to succeed and grow our business in the alcohol-free segment, we need courage. Courage to take risks and invest. We need major collaboration between different functions and individuals, internally and externally. And in case of failing and falling, let’s admit it fast, get up and try again. No more, ‘let’s party like there’s NO tomorrow’, but rather ‘let’s drink like there IS a tomorrow!

This blog was originally published as a LinkedIn article by Kirsi Puntila.