Press images

These press images can be used in articles and news related to Anora. Please mention the source and the photographer, if the information is available.

  • Jacek Pastuszka - CV image
    Jacek Pastuszka
  • Sigmund Toth - B&W
    Sigmund Toth
  • Janne Halttunen - B&W
    Janne Halttunen
  • Kirsi Puntila - B&W
    Kirsi Puntila
  • Hannu Tuominen - B&W
    Hannu Tuominen
  • Mikkel Pilemand - CV photo
    Mikkel Pilemand
  • Kirsi Lehtola - B&W
    Kirsi Lehtola
  • Anora Koskenkorva Distillery
    Koskenkorva Distillery
  • Anora Gjelleråsen plant
  • Anora Rajamäki, aerial view
    Rajamäki plant
  • Koskenkorva distillery interior
    Koskenkorva distillery