25.01.2023 - 00:00

The Finnish police are investigating a case of product counterfeiting related to Koskenkorva Viina

The Finnish police have seized counterfeit Koskenkorva Viina 38% 50cl PET bottles. The bottles resemble half-liter Koskenkorva Viina bottles in appearance, but they have been found to be counterfeit products in the investigations. The alcohol contained in the bottles was found to contain impurities, which is why the safety of the product cannot be guaranteed.

Counterfeit bottles have not ended up being sold in, for example, Alko stores, but are traded illegally. Counterfeit products have been sold in Central Finland and they could have been spread to other parts of Finland as well.

The matter is being investigated as a gross alcohol crime and an industrial rights crime.

Counterfeit bottles known to the police that have ended up in illegal distribution can be identified by the following:

• silver gray cap • there are no recycling markings on the label The real Koskenkorva Viina bottles can be identified by, among other things, these details:

• The PET plastic bottle has a beige cap • the bottom of the bottle says "Altia" • Koskenkorva products sold in Finland have recycling markings