Anora's strategy for 2030
Anora's strategy for 2030

Our strategy up to 2030: Delivering growth through sustainability

Anora’s vision is to be the leading Nordic wine and spirits group delivering growth through sustainability. Our passion takes the best of the Nordics to the world and the best of the world to the Nordics. We are Anora, let’s drink better!

Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy, central to the production of all our grain-based spirits and an integral element in all our decision-making. Sustainability brings us competitive advantage and with our new and ambitious sustainability roadmap we will be among the frontrunners in our industry.

Our growth strategy is built around three strategic choices. In the monopoly markets of Sweden, Norway and Finland, we aim to grow faster than the market. We want to lead category growth across consumer occasions and channels and thereby strengthen our position as the leading wine and spirits house in the Nordics.

In Denmark and the Baltics we want to scale our position to cement our regional leadership. In Denmark, we have already in 2022 taken a major step with the acquisition of Globus Wine, Denmark’s leading wine company.

We have high ambitions to grow internationally and to accelerate our business beyond the Nordics with our strong, sustainable hero brands. Our strategic choices are supported by a set of key enablers. To strengthen consumer engagement we will focus and scale investments in our hero brands, build our digital channels and develop occasion-led innovations.

Customer centricity is not only about deepening collaboration with the monopolies, but strengthening our position in the grocery trade and becoming the preferred supplier in on-trade. Global travel retail is a key enabler for international growth.

We will continue to use M&As to support our growth strategy.

To fund our growth, we will optimise our supply chain to find further efficiences and to build the most sustainable operations in our industry.

Our financial targets for 2030

Anora financial targets for 2030
Anora financial targets for 2030

A more detailed presentation of Anora’s strategy was presented at the Capital Markets Day in November 2022.

Our segments

Anora segments - Wine


The Wine segment develops, markets and sells partner wines and Anora’s own label wines to customers in the Nordic monopoly markets and in Denmark. Globus Wine is reported as part of Anora’s Wine segment as of 1 July 2022.

Anora segments - Spirits


The Spirits segment develops, markets and sells both Anora’s own spirits brands and partner brands to customers in the Nordic monopoly markets. The segment also consists of Anora’s own operations in Estonia, Latvia, Denmark and Germany, as well as global duty free and travel retail, and exports.

Anora segments - Industrial


The Industrial segment comprises Anora’s industrial business – industrial products and contract manufacturing, the logistics company Vectura and supply chain operations.

Learn more about the segment-specific strategies from Anora's Annual Report 2022.