Anora as an investment hero image - pouring rose
Anora as an investment hero image - pouring rose

Anora as an investment

In September 2021, two leading Nordic wine and spirits companies – Altia and Arcus – joined forces and formed Anora. In 2020, Anora's aggregate net sales were EUR 640 million and we employed 1,100 professionals. Anora shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki under the ticker ANORA and ISIN code FI4000292438. 

Market leader in the profitable and stable Nordic wine and spirits industry

Our market-leading portfolio consists of our own iconic Nordic brands and a wide range of prominent international partner wines and spirits.

Our own brands include for example: Koskenkorva, Linie, Larsen, Skagerrak, Chill Out, Ruby Zin, Wongraven, O.P. Anderson and Falling Feather.

Our strong partner portfolio includes noted wines, such as Masi, Laroche, Penfolds, Louis Roederer and Fumees Blanches, as well as well-known spirits brands, like Jack Daniels, Fireball, Fernet Branca, Jose Cuervo, and Underberg.

Anora has strong capabilities to grow through Nordic innovations and we have a proven track record of successful innovations both in wines and spirits. Combined we launched more than 100 novelties in 2020.

Anora has a superior offering to its partners through our unique understanding of the Nordic consumer, our enhanced route-to-market and a strong local salesforce in our home markets.

Anora has the leading digital platforms in the Nordic wine and spirits industry which provides a wide consumer reach to our own and partner brands.

Anora industry awards
Anora industry awards

Capacity to grow in and outside the Nordics

As one company, Anora is more competitive and has a stronger financial position to pursue growth in and outside the Nordics.

We operate in a highly stable and profitable industry, and we have low capex needs which support a stable cash generation and low leverage.

We have a strong growth ambition, and our increased debt capacity provides opportunities for future growth investments and M&As.

Global industry forerunner in sustainability

Anora strives for carbon neutral production. Our raw material – grain spirit – is produced through an award-winning circular economy set-up. At the Koskenkorva Distillery, our own bioenergy plant has enabled us to lower CO₂ emissions already by 58%. Our modern production plant at Gjelleråsen operates on the principles of gravity in liquid production handling, and energy sourcing is 70% geothermal and 30% GO green energy. We also promote regenerative barley farming to reduce the environmental impact of our products even further.​

Anora is the market leader in the sustainable packaging of wines and spirits in the Nordics and we aim for 100% recyclable packaging by 2025. Our innovative PET and rPET bottles and bag-in-boxes have a 60–90% lower carbon footprint compared to glass.​ Our new production line at Rajamäki enables the production of fully recyclable bag-in-box packaging.

Anora sustainability awards
Anora sustainability awards

Step-change in scale drives productivity

Anora Group also includes Anora Industrial and logistics company Vectura. These include world-class industrial operations in distillation, bottling and logistics services as well as the production of technical ethanol products, neutral potable ethanol, feed components and barley starch.

In our Industrial and Logistics operations, we expect greater volumes and economies of scale to drive productivity.​