Anora - Heat transfer fluids - tanks
Anora - Heat transfer fluids - tanks

Eco-friendly Finnish geothermal heat

Anora develops and produces fluids that transfer heat in geothermal heating systems from Finnish ethanol. Geothermal heat is an environmentally friendly heating solution, which typically replaces oil or electric heating. Anora’s Naturet geothermal fluids are a safe, non-toxic and Finnish choice. In Finland, Anora has a leading market position in geothermal fluids.

In addition to the production and import of wines, spirits and no- and low-alcohol products, Anora’s business includes a variety of products and services for our industrial customers. These products and services include ethanol-based fluids for geothermal heat pumps, developed and produced by Anora since the 1980s. As the use of geothermal heat has gradually gained a bigger foothold in Finland, it became natural for the producer of technical ethanols to offer its expertise to this industry as well. Anora’s technical ethanol serves as a fluid in geothermal heat pumps, storing and transferring heat within the system.

Small carbon footprint

The Naturet geothermal fluids are produced by Anora at the Rajamäki plant in Finland. The ethanol on which the fluids are based is produced either by re-distilling waste alcohol or, at the Koskenkorva plant, distilled technical ethanol from the barley cultivated by local farmers. Thanks to the local products and recycling, the product has a very small carbon footprint. The production process itself is also entirely emission-free. Naturet geothermal fluids are non-toxic and biodegradable breaking down into carbon dioxide and water.

Geothermal heat is an environmentally friendly solution, particularly for heating single-family houses, since it often replaces oil or electric heating.