Anora - Sustainability roadmap - Planet
Anora - Sustainability roadmap - Planet


Anora’s own production will be carbon neutral by 2030 without compensations and 30% of our grain-based spirits regeneratively farmed. Our production is based on circular economy.

We enhance biodiversity and use our planet’s water resources cautiously: we protect ground-water areas corresponding to 1,500 football fields. We are committed to science-based targets and aim for 38% reduction of scopes 1–3 in 2030 and net-zero in 2050.

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Our own operations are carbon neutral by 2030 and our Koskenkorva Distillery is carbon neutral by 2026 – both without compensations.

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We support regenerative farming, and we aim to increase the share of regeneratively farmed barley to 30% of own grain spirit products by 2030.

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We enhance circular economy by  reducing wastewater with 20%, increasing recycling rate of waste to 90% and reducing landfill waste to zero by 2030.