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Policies and certificates

On this page you'll find our policies, such as our Code of Conduct for suppliers, Anti-bribery and -corruption policy for suppliers and business partners and the food safety policy for our Rajamäki plant.

Anora Group Code of Conduct

Anora’s commitment to responsibility and integrity is reflected in the Group's Code of Conduct. Read more about the Group Code of Conduct here.

Anora Code of Conduct for Suppliers

We have created our own Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Subcontractors. Starting in 2017, the Code of Conduct has been made an integral part of contracts with suppliers. The Code of Conduct is primarily based on the same international agreements and principles as the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct. Download the policy here.

Anora Anti-bribery and -corruption Policy for Suppliers and Business Partners

Download the policy here.

Anora Responsible Sourcing Practices

We have gathered our main processes and principles regarding responsible sourcing in a one-pager. Please get acquainted with our sustainable sourcing here.

Anora’s Quality, Safety and Environment Policy

This policy is based on Anora’s Sustainability Roadmap, which sets out responsibility targets and is based on UN Sustainable Development Goals. Management and implementation of quality, safety and environmental values is part of our sustainability work and thus are the most paramount for Anora. We are committed to continuous improvement of our operations considering the following principle requirements.

  • In developing our operations and products, we pay attention to the wishes and needs of our stakeholders, consumers, especially our clients and partners. We produce added value by providing profitable, high-quality products and services while taking into consideration the safety and well-being of the environment and our employees.

  • We ensure the safety of our own products and products marketed by us, when used in moderation.

  • We aim to minimize our impact on environment and climate and strive for carbon-neutral production.

  • We strive to ensure human rights and good working conditions both in our own operations and in our supply chain.

  • We use first-class and high-grade raw materials in our production process, for example ground water and aim to decrease amount of wastewater.

We particularly invest in:

  • The effectiveness of our business processes

  • Reducing scrapping

  • Ensuring and continuously improving the safety and quality of raw materials and final products

  • Efficient use and recycling of energy, natural resources and materials

  • Preventing environmental degradation and reducing environmental impact

  • Developing packaging materials and solutions in accordance with the principle of sustainable development

  • Reducing sickness absences and accidents, preventive occupational health care as well as reporting close calls and developing operations based on them

  • Promoting the protection of biodiversity, e.g. implementing a forest management plan and supporting carbon-neutral farming

  • We comply with the laws, regulations and industry codes of the countries in which we operate.

  • The Executive Management Team, the management of each function as well as each employee within their sphere of influence is responsible for implementing these principles.

  • We promote these principles in our whole supply chain.

Download Anora's Quality Safety and Environment Policy in PDF format here.

Anora's quality, environment and occupational health and safety certificates:

Rajamäki Plant Food Safety Policy

Anora Rajamäki Beverage Plant believes that success depends on the supply of products, packages and services that meet the expectations of customer and consumers. We will ensure the food safety of all our products that are manufactured at Rajamäki plant.

Rajamäki Beverage plant is committed to continually maintain consumer confidence in its products through the implementation and continuous development of its food safety systems and practices.

Food safety is the responsibility of all our professional employees that have direct influence on ingredients, packaging, manufacturing, storage and the transport of products.

The following food safety principles are the foundation for the food safety commitment of the Rajamäki Beverage plant:

  • Manufacture and deliver products that meet the highest level of food safety standards.

  • Meet or exceed where possible all statutory and regulatory requirements of food safety and the food safety requirements of our customers.

  • Ensure sustainable food safety performance through implementation of food safety systems compliant with ISO 22000:2018

  • Regularly evaluate by internal and external audits the implementation and the continuous improvement of food safety systems.

  • Include food safety in the annual business planning process to ensure that food Safety remains an integral part of our operations.

  • Ensure that suppliers and contractors embrace the same food safety commitments and monitor the supplied materials and services through audits and goods inspections.

  • Communicate food safety policy and requirements to associates, consumers, customers and other key stakeholders who have an impact on, or are affected by, the Rajamäki Beverage Plant’s food safety management systems.

FSSC 22000 certificate