True Colours – Doing good by having fun
True Colours – Doing good by having fun

True Colours – doing good by having fun

In Sweden, Anora promotes the rights of the LGBT community around the globe by issuing a fixed amount of profit from the True Colours cava to the Swedish foundation Regnbågsfonden.

In keeping with the emerging consumer interest and demand for products with added societal value, Anora has come up with an ambitious contribution to the LGBT community in Sweden. The Nordic societies have come quite far in this field, and the wide support for LGBT rights is shared by people who do not identify themselves as activists, but may wish to contribute in an easy and fun way. This was the key consumer insight behind True Colours cava.

For every bottle sold, five kronor are given to LGBT rights

True Colours is a colourful, festive sparkling wine from a Spanish producer. For every bottle of True Colours sold, Anora gives five Swedish kronor to the private, voluntary foundation Regnbågsfonden, which works with LGBT issues worldwide. The funds collected can be directly used for the foundation’s operations, as Regnbågsfonden’s staff are volunteers and therefore the administration costs are low.

“The collaboration around True Colours has been very positive for Regnbågsfonden. Apart from the much-needed financial support, which we have been able to use for LGBT rights and support in Africa, Russia, Caucasus and Iraq, the sales and marketing of the brand have made our foundation better known and spread the positive message of human rights”, says Jon Voss, Chairman of the Board of Regnbågsfonden.

Regnbågsfonden does not operate in the Nordic countries, where LGBT rights are well advanced. Instead, the foundation has decided to focus on those parts of the world where the safety and well-being of members of the LGBT community is at risk, or where their sexual orientation is not legally accepted.

The revenue from True Colours is given to Regnbågsfonden quarterly, so it forms a continuous contribution. Anora has no role in determining the use of the funds. Regnbågsfonden has the freedom to determine when and where resources are needed.

Unique partnership as a success story

The collaboration with Regnbågsfonden relates to Anora’s sustainability work. Anora offers different ways of doing good while drinking better: fair trade, organic and now charity causes. Collaboration with Regnbågsfonden is something unique. While the partnership is still new to Anora in Sweden, it has already proved to be a great success, both in terms of consumer interest and positive effect on society.