Blue Caterpillar appointed as exclusive distributor for Anora's brand portfolio
Blue Caterpillar appointed as exclusive distributor for Anora's brand portfolio
17.02.2023 - 17:00

Blue Caterpillar appointed as exclusive distributor for Anora's brand portfolio for travel retail in the Americas

Anora has appointed Blue Caterpillar, a leading distributor of premium spirits and liqueurs, as the exclusive distributor of Anora's brand portfolio for travel retail in the Americas, including airlines, cruise ships, and the Caribbean.

"Our values form the foundation of our way of working and guide us towards our goals. In our three values – courage to explore, energy to inspire and empowering to win – we have distilled the spirit of what makes our company and leadership culture unique," said Kirsi Puntila, SVP of Anora’s Spirits business.

Anora has invested in sustainability for over a decade. Our Koskenkorva Distillery is built entirely around a circular economy: with its own bio-power plant and 99.9% recycling rate. Also, the distillery has already managed to decrease CO₂ emissions by an impressive 60% (from 2014). Anora’s next step is to have a carbon neutral Koskenkorva Distillery by 2026 – without buying any carbon compensations.

Anora is committed to set science-based targets and is looking into a 38% reduction of scopes 1–3 by 2030 and the goal of reaching net zero by 2050.

Anora is also committed to supporting regenerative barley farming. Regenerative farming is a method that binds carbon to soil instead of freeing it to the atmosphere during farming. The aim is to sequester carbon to fields and form carbon sinks, to help fight climate change. Anora aims to increase the share of regeneratively farmed barley to 30% of its own grain spirit products by 2030.

Anora uses the planet's water resources cautiously, protecting ground-water areas corresponding to 1,500 football fields. Water to the products is taken from the natural springs in this area, so pure, that no filtration of the water is needed.

"We are thrilled to be working with Anora and to be able to bring their premium portfolio to our customers in the Travel Retail Americas market. We are also proud to support their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility," said Michael Gebrael, Co-Founder and CEO of Blue Caterpillar.

For more information about Anora's commitment to sustainability, visit our Sustainability pages.

About Blue Caterpillar, LLC Company

Blue Caterpillar, LLC, is a boutique venture with over 50 years of combined experience in enabling brands to flourish and unlocking value. Started by two proven, corporate trained founders turned entrepreneurs, with a keen eye to setting the right strategic framework across multiple distribution channels, nimbleness in their approach and obsessed with excellence. Blue Caterpillar provides a full suite of services for brands and founders throughout their entire journey; With a full wholesale/distribution commercialization service, all the back office back bone support as well as all the necessary import licenses for liquor into the United States domestic market, we enable our brand partners with meaningful know-how and economies of scale from the get go, allowing them to tap into the US Domestic Market, The Global Travel Retail channels as well as the most meaningful export markets across the globe for multiple categories.

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