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Snaps, gin, seltzers – Anora takes non-alcoholic drinks to a new level with exciting product launches in the Nordics

The growing focus on health and wellbeing has increased demand for new, no- and low-alcohol products. To meet these changing preferences, Anora is launching two unique non-alcoholic spirits and a non-alcoholic addition to the trending vodka seltzer category.

Non-alcoholic drinking experiences is one of the most exciting trends in the drinks industry and slowly taking foot also in the Nordics. At Anora, we see this as a great opportunity to expand our offering and innovate completely new ways of enjoying drinks.

Creating new no- and low-alcohol beverages is also part of Anora’s sustainability efforts. One of our key ambitions is supporting a modern, responsible drinking culture, which entails enabling consumers to make conscious, sustainable, and healthier choices. Choosing non-alcoholic options for any reason should never be the cause of feeling excluded from events and celebrations. On the contrary, our new launches will broaden the range of choices for everyone, building a more inclusive drinking culture.

This is exactly the thinking behind O.P. Anderson Distillery’s alcohol-free snaps, which was created because everyone should be able to enjoy snaps songs and celebrations regardless of the alcohol content of their drink. The snaps has been created with the same natural and organic ingredients as our traditional aquavits, honouring the century-long craftmanship and expertise in distillation that we are preserving today at the O.P. Anderson Distillery at Sundsvall, Sweden. The new non-alcoholic snaps will be launched in Sweden on 1 December 2021.

Roti is a non-alcoholic beverage made with careful craftmanship using gin distillates and flavours such as juniper, coriander, and bergamot. The name of the brand symbolises the drive to shake up the cocktail world with a new, exciting non-alcoholic spirit made with discipline and strong taste. Roti will be launched in Finland in January.

Finally, Anora’s successful SAY Seltzer line is growing with a new delicious novelty, SAY Seltzer Alcohol Free Lime & Mint. Made with sparkling water, natural flavours, vitamins, and minerals – and with only 4 grams of sugar per serving – SAY Seltzer Alcohol Free Lime & Mint is the perfect non-alcoholic alternative to enjoy at parties and social occasions. The product will be launched in Finland in spring 2022.

Anora’s non-alcoholic products are made with the same care, expertise and award-winning craftmanship as our alcoholic beverages. What is more, developing non-alcoholic spirits has required new know-how and capabilities, as creating the sensory experiences of alcoholic beverages is not a straightforward task. As the interest in no- and low-alcohol products continues to grow, we are eager to leverage our innovation capabilities to expand the category event further.

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