Anora - People
Anora - People


Anora is as an inclusive and safe workplace that represents the diversity, equity and progressiveness of Nordic culture.

We aim for zero accidents and a strong safety culture. Our value chain is fair and transparent; we source sustainably and protect human rights.

We have joined the United Nations Global Compact as part of our commitment to being a responsible company.

UN Global Compact
UN Global Compact
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We have a fair and transparent value chain with sustainability certificates and audits covering 100% of risk countries and supplier code of conduct signed by 100% of suppliers by 2023.

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We ensure diversity, equity and inclusion at work in own operations and extend the work to partners by 2030.

Anora - sustainable wine production

Supporting sustainable wine production

Wine consumption patterns are changing towards an increasingly sustainable direction. Ensuring an ethical production process and offering consumers a wider range of choices is central for Anora.

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